The Divine Art


‘MultiFaces’ is a painting inspired by the famous book ‘The Person and The Situation’ by Lee Ross which talks about different expression and personality a person resembles in different situations of life. The painting here has multiple faces with multiple textures and expressions showing a clean view of what the book wants to say. TheContinue reading “MultiFaces”

The Forest Empress

‘The Forest Empress’ is a unique painting which is full of imagination. The painting wants to dive people into a deep forest which looks dense from outside but as we keep moving inside the deep wild and dark forest, a sudden ray of sunlight brings people out of the darkness to a new world fullContinue reading “The Forest Empress”

Heaven’s Beauty

‘Heaven’s Beauty’ is a painting representing the goddess ‘Durga Maa’ who is painted with colourful jewels and ornaments to enhance her beauty. The exquisite fine details with a contrasting colour pattern represents the anger and boldness coming from the red whereas the calm and soberness coming from the blue. The painting is given a edgyContinue reading “Heaven’s Beauty”

The Three Musicians

‘The Three Musicians’ painting is based on tribal culture where they usually after a hectic day, in the evenings or on special festivals, they used to play many instruments mainly mridangam, nagara , ektara and flutes. The painting aura also presents a warm dark look which makes people imagine about night bonfire. Yes guys! youContinue reading “The Three Musicians”

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