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Fusion of Land and Water

This painting represents the love of sun warming up the atmosphere with the water emerging through the land with its wet soily hair sitting under a tree with a beautiful scenery of tulips and greenery representing an Egyptian culture.

The Three musicians

This painting represents a tribal culture where musicians used to play instruments in a special aura and festive.

Heaven’s Beauty

This painting represents the beauty and happiness that god has given all of us. This painting not only shows the calm and kind side but also a bold and rage side through its facial expressions and overall accessories.

The Forest Empress

This painting represents an imagination of a world which lies deep within a dark forest.Its a secret world behind the impenetrable woodland full of greenery, forts and life of the existing.

Lord Krishna & Goddess Radha

This painting represents the love and the spiritual aspect of lord Krishna and goddess Radha. It takes us to another world full of happiness and affection.


This painting represents how there can be multiple expressions of a person based on situations. This painting is inspired by the famous book ‘The Person and the Situation’.

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The Divine Art is an official page created for showcasing and growing interest of people in modern Art paintings.

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